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JW Leaks Redux | We are back for 2019 with a Scandal

Watchtower New York Scandal

To kick off 2019, JW Leaks have published a 37 page unredacted file on all Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc., properties sold in the State of New York, between April 2004 and December 2018, for a Grand Total of US$2,081,520,000 (over 2 billion US dollars).

DOWNLOAD: Watchtower New York Brooklyn real estate transfers

This document contains the Real Property Transfer Report for all Watchtower New York sales as well as the sale price, seller, purchaser, and the date of transfer.

Some US$1.8 billion of sales occurred from 2012 onwards, after Watchtower New York lost the Candace Conti case, and the jury awarded her US$28,000,001 which was later reduced by agreement between parties following an appeal.

Page 13 of the document relates to the sale of 67 Remsen Street, Brooklyn.

The sale of 67 Remsen Street, Brooklyn by Watchtower New York to Heights 67 LLC

Click image to enlarge facsimile of Real Property Transfer Report for 67 Remsen Street, Brooklyn, New York

What is the related background to the above property sale and what documents exist to shed light on the timeframe?

20 June 2012

The Superior Court of the State of California, County of Alameda, issues an Order in relation to the Candace Conti case preventing Watchtower New York from “transferring, conveying or changing title to any real property” including 67 Remsen Street, Brooklyn.

Extract of Court Order preventing Watchtower New York transferring real property

Press Release from Office of Public Information (OPI) for Jehovah’s Witnesses

16 August 2012

Watchtower New York enters into sale contract for 67 Remsen Street, Brooklyn, with ‘Heights 67 LLC’.

14 September 2012

Watchtower New York completes the transferring, conveying and changing of the title to the new owners Heights 67 LLC.

21 September 2012

Watchtower New York files and registers with the Superior Court of California a US$17 million Bond. From that date forward this allowed Watchtower New York to engage in “transferring, conveying and changing title to any real property” including 67 Remsen Street, Brooklyn, New York.

Court documents filed by Watchtower New York dated 20 September 2012 re: lodging $17 million Bond to release real estate titles

About JW Leaks

JW Leaks is about openness, transparency and accountability within the Church of Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Watch Tower Society.

JW Leaks exposes and holds accountable the Watch Tower Society and those leaders within the Jehovah’s Witnesses organization that disregard or violate the laws of the land, and that cause harm to sections of the community.

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JW LEAKS: a message to Jehovah’s Witnesses and everyone else

To all our supporters and followers over the past two years

JW Leaks would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has visited this web site, or contributed to this web site, over the past two years. Without your support we would not be here.

If you have not already done so, or if this is your first visit, please take the time to explore JW Leaks and learn the truth about the truth.

Want to know more about JW Leaks? Try our Frequently Asked Questions page where you can find the answers to the following questions:

  • Is JW Leaks an apostate web site?
  • Who are you?
  • Is JW Leaks an organization or a legal entity?
  • Can the information on JW Leaks be trusted?
  • Has the Watch Tower Society or Jehovah’s Witnesses ever commenced legal action against JW Leaks?



jwleaks two year anniversary


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“Anonymous” Message to Watchtower


July 14, 2012

The following video message and transcript was published today by “Anonymous” via YouTube.

Hello Citizens of the world. We are Anonymous.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Now is the time to open your eyes and expose the truth!




Hello Citizens of the world. We are Anonymous.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Now is the time to open your eyes and expose the truth!

Operation Pedo Chat has commenced with a great deal of success and enthusiasm to protect the innocent from these disgusting pedophiles that roam the internet. While this war on internet Pedophilia has only just begun, more cries for help has gained the attention of Anonymous.

A cult under the umbrella of Jehovah’s Witnesses has 23,000 plus pedophiles names and their offenses on this list within Watchtower Head quarters which is not available to the public. The Watchtower headquarters is located at 100 Watchtower Drive, Patterson, New York, 12563. Jehovah’s Witnesses official website is watchtower.org

When a Jehovah’s Witness is faced with being victim to a pedophile, the accusing parents and the child are told to go to the elders first, not the police, and then let the elders make the decision. When they bring their child to the elders to explain, the elders hear the story and then bring in the pedophile. If the pedophile denies the charges, they leave it up to “Jehovah” to bring it out and go no further, unless there are witnesses.

Anonymous calls on the 99% to infiltrate this group and uncover any data pertaining to these cultish pedophilia crimes and expose this cult for who and what it is. Anonymous must get this pedophile list and submit it to the following:

The Pirate Bay, Wikileaks, and silentlambs.org

Anonymous will expose the vile pedophiles and free the silent lambs.

We are anonymous.

We are Legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us.

anonymous attacks watchtower

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