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Jehovah’s Witnesses Falsely Linked To Islamic State

The following news interview was reported in the English language version of Pravda.Ru on 8 October 2014…

The UN Security Council unanimously, which is a rare occasion during the recent years, adopted a resolution on the fight against terrorism. Pravda.Ru interviewed executive secretary of the Presidium of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Araik Stepanyan, about old and new threats in the Middle East and in the whole world.

“Why did Russia support the United States? Not that long ago, there was heated debate on the USA’s interference in the internal affairs of Syria and Ukraine. In fact, the United States wants to destroy Russia by the hands of Ukrainian fascists. Yet, Russia supported the States. Why so?”

“Russia has its list of terrorist organizations. Some of them, included on our list, are not included on the list of the United States. They consider them fighters for freedom and democracy and support some of them. Russia calls for the coordination of databases of terrorist organizations, so that they are clearly considered as terrorist organizations for the whole world. In this case, it would be possible to catch members of such organizations and bring them to trial, rather than simply bomb sovereign states. Russia voted for coordinated legal international action.”

“Is the current bombing of ISIS in Syria a start of the operation that will then proceed to the destruction of Bashar Assad?”

“ISIS has everything. It has members from Jehovah’s Witnesses, from archaic Judaism, from the criminal world … That is, they built a fine, universal and simple ideology. The main idea of ​​it is the false understanding of the end of the world. To be saved, one needs to unite and go to the end of the world together. In another world, they will have beautiful women, etc.”

DOWNLOAD INTERVIEW >>> ISIS is a scenario to destroy Russia with the help of Jehovah’s Witnesses – pdf

Link to article on Pravda.Ru

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Jehovah’s Witnesses Annual General Meeting 2014

Jehovah’s Witnesses and Watch Tower Society Annual General Meeting

October 4, 2014

Over 4,000 were in attendance at the Stanley Theater for the 2014 Annual Meeting of Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania (Jehovah’s Witnesses). 19,000 listened in from other Bethel locations.


  • Yeartext for 2015 – Psalm 106:1
  • New song book with 15 more songs <<< link to leaked songs >>>
  • New “JW Language” App for iPhones and iPads <<< link to download via iTunes >>>
  • Pocket version of Revised New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (see photo below)
  • Doctrinal changes to interpretation of “Gog of Magog” to governments today and not “nations” after Armageddon
  • Starting January 2015 a new part on the service meeting entitled “How Do You Know The Truth” will replace local needs, in which approved members of the congregation will be invited to share their experiences
  • TV network-style news service called “JW Broadcasting” is to be immediately introduced via which features family-friendly movies, documentaries, videos, on demand news and regular talks from members of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses


<<< click here for leaked studio photo 1 >>>

<<< click here for leaked studio photo 2 >>>


DOWNLOAD TORRENT LINK for video of entire AGM meeting (690mb)


jehovah's witnesses - annual general meeting 2014


pocket version revised new world translation


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JW LEAKS: a message to Jehovah’s Witnesses and everyone else

To all our supporters and followers over the past two years

JW Leaks would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has visited this web site, or contributed to this web site, over the past two years. Without your support we would not be here.

If you have not already done so, or if this is your first visit, please take the time to explore JW Leaks and learn the truth about the truth.

Want to know more about JW Leaks? Try our Frequently Asked Questions page where you can find the answers to the following questions:

  • Is JW Leaks an apostate web site?
  • Who are you?
  • Is JW Leaks an organization or a legal entity?
  • Can the information on JW Leaks be trusted?
  • Has the Watch Tower Society or Jehovah’s Witnesses ever commenced legal action against JW Leaks?



jwleaks two year anniversary


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JW.ORG Logo Denied Trademark Status in the United States

JW.ORG logo

The Jehovah’s Witnesses official website logo incorporating JW.ORG has been refused registration by the United States Patent and Trademark Office due to similarity to JW PLAYER.

For the reasons set forth below, the refusal under Trademark Act Section 2(d) is now made FINAL with respect to U.S. Registration No(s). 4087283. See 15 U.S.C. §1052(d); 37 C.F.R. §2.64(a). This refusal is limited to the Class 42 services in the application.
Applicant’s mark is JW.ORG & Design, for use with, inter alia, Providing a web site that gives computer users the ability to download audio and video recordings, DVDs, music, digital print publications, online publications, documents, forms and web pages all in the field of religion, in Class 42. The cited mark is JW PLAYER, for use with Downloadable computer software for playing, viewing and streaming audio and video files in Class 09.


Final Outcome – US TRADEMARK APPLICATION NO. 85896124 – JW.ORG – 06420-T0001A – March 12 2014

Original Application by Watch Tower for JW.ORG logo – April 05 2013

Amendment and Mail Process Complete – February 05 2014

Response to Office Action – February 04 2014

Watch Tower removes in-house Attorney and replaces with Commercial Attorney – January 29 2014

JW.ORG generated XSearch Search Summary – July 20 2013

Email from US Patent and Trademark Office to Watch Tower – April 12 2013


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Guy H. Pierce, Member of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Dies at 79

Guy H. Pierce, member of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses, died on 19 March 2014 of a massive stroke.

Pierce is survived by his second wife, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

The remaining seven members of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses released the following brief statement regarding Pierce: “Our memories of his courageous and faithful earthly life course will continue to strengthen us for years to come.”

<<< Link to download Official Death Announcement in pdf >>>

<<< Link to download Official Obituary in pdf >>>

Guy Pierce Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses


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