The Watch Tower 1865 edition

The Watch Tower 1865, published by J.F. Shaw & Co., for the proprietors of “The Watch Tower”, 158 Fleet Street, London. Sold at all booksellers and railway book stores during the mid to late 1860’s.

This volume of The Watch Tower was first published on March 29, 1865, for the benefit of learned members of the Anglican Church. Some highlights include the poems “On The Watch Tower” (page 167) and “The Light-Bearers” (page 279).

This volume was not published or produced by the Watch Tower Society (Jehovah’s Witnesses/Bible Students) or any of their predecessors.

The Watch Tower volume of 1865 (417 pages) has been recently scanned into PDF by Google as part of a project to make the world’s books discoverable online. The document comprises 417 pages in total.

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The Watch Tower 1865 edition - volume 1 - number 1

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